PSG eliminated by Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Champions League : Paris Saint-Germain eliminated by Bayern Munich


Paris Saint-Germain is preparing for a flavorless season finale after being eliminated by Bayern Munich in the Champions League. PSG fall again, Wednesday, on the lawn of the Bavarians (2-0). With the end of their European adventure and already out in the Coupe de France, they now only have the championship as their objective.

BAYERN – PSG: “Profound disappointment for you and for us. We weren’t at the Champions League level. We didn’t handle the details well and our objective disappeared. It’s painful, but champions are reborn from defeat and forged through adversity.  We will come back !”… SERGIO RAMOS CASH AFTER ELIMINATION


Real Madrid again, another historic comeback! Liverpool had never been beaten like this… They did the unbelievable

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