The dream of all Parisian players PSG

The dream of all Parisian players PSG

The dream of all Parisian players PSG


Paris Saint-Germain want for many years to win the UEFA champions league but he was eliminated. Despite the strengthening of a high-level players like Neymar Jr in 2017, and Lionel Messi in 2022. Without forgetting the key motor of the Paris Saint-Germain who is Kylian Mbappé. Under pressure from their elimination against Bayern Munich. we can say that Parisian leaders don’t really agree with some players, especially their attack trio ( the MNM ).

A misunderstanding that judges just because Of their elimination in this competition every year. While there are players who stay for a cause like Marcos Verratti’s example: ” I want to win the champions league with Paris Saint-Germain “.  With all problems, even the future of the french club entrepreneur on the Parisian bench is threatened.

Victor Osimhen is wanted by PSG

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